Billings area dating

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The downtown core and much of the rest of Billings is in the Yellowstone Valley which is a canyon carved out by the Yellowstone River.Around 80 million years ago, the Billings area was on the shore of the Western Interior Seaway.The area where Billings is today was once known as Clark's Fork Bottom.Clark's Fork Bottom was to be the hub for hauling freight to Judith and Musselshell Basins.The sea deposited sediment and sand around the shoreline.As the sea retreated it left behind a deep layer of sand.Over millions of years this sand was compressed into stone that is known as Eagle Sandstone.

The plan was to run freight up Alkali Creek, now part of Billings Heights, to the basins and Fort Benton on the Hi-Line.

The town was started when John Alderson built a sawmill and convinced PW Mc Adow to open a general store and trading post on land that Alderson owned on the bank of the Yellowstone River.

The store went by the name of Headquarters and soon other buildings and tents were being built as the town began to grow.

Soon a graveyard was needed and Boothill Cemetery was created.

It was called Boothill because most of the people in it were said to have died with their boots on.

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