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[Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: No I mean not feeling like we’re clicking. [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Chianti : Hmmm i didnt sense that but do you usually make out with people you dont click with? Can u honestly say that that was ok w u [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Chianti : Odd because the multi year relationships i had never began slow. [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: So ur saying its odd to you that I’m different from you?? I find you stimulating both intellectually and physically.

[Feb 5, 2011 PM] Chianti : No its odd to me that you would want to deny your attraction and desire in favour of some contrived timeline [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: I am who I am. But i want more than a chat buddy [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: That’s fair.

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It will be viewable exclusively to our registered female users, so take fear aside that someone of your acquaintances may spot you here. The men having good pictures typically receive more letters.Want to meet Russian fiancées for friendship or meaningful relationship?Our Russia- and Ukraine-based dating website is the best place where beautiful and single women from Eastern Europe are looking for serious relationship with gentlemen.[Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: And I have felt attracted but for whatever reason haven’t felt the right vibe so…. U were entertaining and fun to talk to and kiss and u offered to pay lots which is classy [Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: Thanks![Feb 5, 2011 PM] Me: just chalk it up to two different styles. I do wonder if I hadn’t felt u came on too strong physically if thing would have been different…

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