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Signature and raffle quilts tell us about families, community organizations, and churches.Crazy quilts tells us about the maker's interests as well as her hand sewing ability.

Resembling an inland island, Gee’s Bend is surrounded on three sides by the Alabama River.Gee’s Bend’s art also stands out for its flair—quilts composed boldly and improvisationally, in geometries that transform recycled work clothes and dresses, feed sacks, and fabric remnants.All of the quilts in this Gee's Bend project may be called improvisational or "my way" quilts.Embroidered and appliqué kit quilts tells us about women in business in the 20th century and the readers of newspapers that featured the quilt pattern of the week.Quilts, women and men, from all walks of life and geographic location can open our eyes and our heart to those who sewed before us.

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