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You know and I know Jada and Jada stands by what she means and she's a fire cracker. That was actually Whoopi Goldberg coming to you from The View. And it pisses me off because there are people, there's not a lot of support for little companies who make movies that maybe more diverse than everything else. Girlfriend, there's a lot of [NOISE] going on in the world that you all don't seem to recognize. Your influence would help us greatly like they did on Friends, like what shows do? Jada's video got Aunt Viv all upset y'all, and Janet Hubert did a clap-back of her own, take a look. Maybe the networks, since the show is such a hit, And you being the star of the show.

[LAUGH] When the nominations were released, Rock did tweet that the Oscars were the White BET Awards, but has since been quiet. Say cuz to me- [APPLAUSE] No, you don't need to clap, it's okay. Quickly I need you, are you going to slay or shade?

star Tara Wallace stops by to dish on her newly announced pregnancy and exclusively reveals the baby's gender, we have a special edition of #Slayedor Shade featuring Marlon Wayans and more!

[MUSIC] Today, on Essence Live, our Happy New You series continues with tips for better dating in the new year with our special guest, Rev. Plus, we have an exclusive interview with Tara Wallace from Love and Hip-Hop New York. [LAUGH] [SOUND] Three lawsuits have been filed over the Flint water crisis.

I wanted to make sure we had time to get to this last one.

If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms. Just like there shouldn't be a black history month.

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    Know that even if I do not know you one of those people smiling back might just be me, just do not trust anyone too easily. Careful with anyone who tries to find too much in common with you. In these scenarios, the bully dominates and controls the victim with the threat of loosing contact with the grandchildren." ~Anue Nue In your article, you single out 'homophobia." I would like to point out that it is not limited to people with homophobia.

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    Now you can kick back, relax and focus on just the right people. Like in front of that dude who still thinks the world is flat. Smartypants can message you, he’ll need to see eye-to-eye on the important issues that you’ve set as your Dealbreakers. Mesh embraces all genders and sexual orientations without discrimination.

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    - It's easier to remove dead skins and unwanted residue when your beard is dry.

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    One can view this file and get an idea of valid Manifestfile. Simply specify the main class by typing Main-Class: Classname. Your text file for manifest must use UTF-8 encoding otherwise you may get into some trouble.

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