Seaworld tycoon 2 updating buildings

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Sometimes they will build something in a weird way and argue why this is the best way etc.

It can be a nightmare with the wrong people or a lot of fun with intelligent people who can control their emotions.

Almost every aspect of the game is the same as what I had in mind. This has been the most popular game at my LAN parties ( for the last year and a half.When playing with others, it's comparable to programming with others.It's about communication, people will try to optimize stuff that already works, people will argue about how to build stuff or when to refactor stuff.I have one warning to you which I am not aware of seeing elsewhere for it: something about the color palette gives me severe eye strain, to the point of "physically painful to play", in a way I have never experienced before or since.There exist several other games on Steam these days with the same core build-a-(semi-)autonomous-factory mechanic.

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