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Once I had to tell a customer I didn't have his milkshake, or any napkins, because the milkshake had spilled all over the back of the moped, and, hey —I had to clean it up somehow. A week earlier, an order had come in for 10 cases of Red Bull. For the month of October you were our Dasher of the month, with more deliveries and a higher rating than any other Dasher in the country." You've got to be kidding me.

Confessions of a congressman: 9 secrets from the inside I'd been a part-time delivery driver — a "Dasher" — €” for three weeks by that point, driving around San Francisco on a scooter, delivering everything from burgers to pad thai to frozen yogurt. All of the mistakes I'd made over the past few weeks flashed through my mind, like when I ordered the wrong size bubble tea at Boba Guys or when I forgot the hot sauce packets at Taco Bell.

Even the icy nights when it felt like my fingers might fall off, the hours spent watching the madness behind the counter of Pancho Villa wondering when the hell they'd start working on my burrito, the agonizing gaps between orders, scooting around aimlessly thinking maybe I should get more hobbies.

I swear I probably know more about the city of San Francisco than Google does.

The stretch of Market Street with the best views of the city. The smells of food being cooked in homes that aren't expecting a Dasher, and in restaurants that are. Like, why would anyone pay to have a bagel and lox delivered three blocks?

I eventually want to start a company and learn to write, but neither would be helped by riding around a city on a moped — or so I thought.

I'm what Peter Thiel would call an indefinite optimist: I have no concrete, long-term plans for my future, but in general I believe it'll turn out okay. I dropped out of college not once but twice to pursue this uncertain yet exciting future.

Adults call this "finding yourself." I call it living. If scientists were to study us Dashers, I swear they'd find something like dopamine released in the brain at the sound of a new order coming in.

Coming from a generation addicted to "direction," I take pride in my relative lack thereof. Contact the company that runs background checks for us, they said. They were coming in so fast, I felt like the blond runner boy from The Incredibles. I drove up hills I didn't know existed, down alleys I wouldn't recommend anyone go on foot. Dashers have three minutes to accept an order before it is automatically reassigned to another, more worthy Dasher.

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