Updating database in asp net

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Most likely cause is that the @ID you pass in isn't found and so nothing can be updated.

Open() Dim my Comm As Ole Db Command = New Ole Db Command("INSERT INTO Orders (Ship Name, Ship City, Ship Country, Deleted) VALUES(@Ship Name, @Ship City, @Ship Country, @Deleted)", my Conn) my Comm. He is also experienced in project and team management, mentoring/teaching others, and understands all aspects of software projects from proposals and budgeting through analysis, estimations, planning, development, testing, user application testing, and release management. The first argument is of type Object and represents the Grid object which triggered the event. Open() Dim my Comm As New Ole Db Command("DELETE FROM Orders WHERE Order ID = @Order ID", my Conn) my Comm. You do this by typing the following command in the Package Manager Console: Add-Migration add_product_description A new code file will be produced in the Migrations folder that will include code to add a description column to the Products table as follows: namespace Code First Existing DB.Migrations Now run the update-database command in Package Manager Console to update the database.

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